Treat yourself to that special dive experience

With Rebel Diving Curaçao you get your diving up to your needs, in your pace and at your level, whether you never dived before or already are a certified diver. With passion and excellence Rebel takes you to the most amazing diving spots in the Caribbean Ocean at Curaçao. Each spot suitable for your level.

Rebel Diving Curaçao doesn’t has a fixed schedule which means flexibility for the diving guests where to dive. All in consultation with you. For the special Get Inspired theme dives, Rebel Diving Curaçao made a special program. Read more on the tab page Get Inspired.

Joining Rebel for your dive adventures gives you an unforgettable time in the clear blue waters of the Caribbean Ocean. For more impressions check the Facebook page of Rebel Diving Curaçao.

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  • star rating  My wife and I dove with Daan, the owner/operator at Rebel for 3 days. We are relatively new to diving, so Daan catered the dives to our experience levels. We... read more

    avatar thumb Kent N
    12 May 2018

    star rating  Our experience with Rebel Diving was wonderful! Daan is an outstanding dive guide, and our experience was far better than we could have expected. Daan loves what she does and... read more

    1 August 2021
  • star rating  I had a fantastic experience diving with Daan. I hadn't been diving for quite a while and wanted to get back into it. Daan understood perfectly what I needed -... read more

    avatar thumb Vacationer385195
    7 March 2019

    star rating  Daan's diving school was recommended to us by a friend living on Curacao. Passionate person running her own diving school. We very much liked her relaxed and personal approach. Daan... read more

    30 January 2020
  • star rating  I've made three trips now to Curacao, and have always had great diving experiences--but Daan is really the best divemaster/guide I have ever had--she will take you to dive sites... read more

    Peter O
    13 June 2019

    star rating  I would highly recommend booking your diving trip with Daan. Our family of 5 are all at different levels of diving experience, from very beginner to experienced. She took us... read more

    avatar thumb KDueck5
    1 July 2018
  • star rating  Love diving with Rebel. She knows divesites with wonderful reefs. Good equipment! full service! lots of fun before, during and after the dives. She is always willing to go the... read more

    Enrico G
    1 September 2020

    star rating  When going for scuba diving at Curaçao I always choose for diving center ‘Rebel’. Especially because diving center ‘Rebel’ pays full attention to customer’s capabilities and wishes and Daan is... read more

    avatar thumb JanHa2017
    10 August 2018
  • star rating  Thank you Daan! We had a really great experience. Daan came to our house, where she did a small tutorial about the equipment (for us and our children, who were... read more

    avatar thumb AndrasDF
    28 November 2018

    star rating  Daan's diving school was recommended to us by a friend living on Curacao. Passionate person running her own diving school. We very much liked her relaxed and personal approach. Daan... read more

    1 January 2020
  • star rating  Very good instructor wich really knows what she is doing. You wont get a free pass from her but instead you will really learn how to dive.

    7 November 2018

    star rating  Diving in Curacao is great, but diving with Daan makes it perfect. Dived 4 days in a row with Daan and we dived the most beautifull spots in all the... read more

    avatar thumb Sander '
    21 October 2018
  • star rating  I have never dived before, except for snorkeling so wasn't sure what to expect. First we had a theoretical intro which was well structured, calmly presented and very informative. Next... read more

    avatar thumb eoxaal
    26 January 2019

    star rating  after 5 years of not diving, I went diving again with daan, 'diving with Daan is relaxed and chill, nothing rushed and full of understanding is she. she knows... read more

    avatar thumb RonaldV1925
    19 October 2018
  • star rating  Friends told me I couldn't go to Curacao without going diving..... Daan was recommended by our property manager, and now I want to go back and dive MORE! with... read more

    14 November 2019

    star rating  Daan, who runs Rebel Diving Curacao, is a dive guide I can fully recommend. She is very experienced and very professional. I immediately felt very comfortable and confident. At the... read more

    avatar thumb EvaMaja309
    20 May 2018
  • star rating  I'd had about 20 dives when I had several bad diving experiences in a row while diving on my own (with a buddy of course). In Curacao, I met Daan,... read more

    avatar thumb Angela B
    20 May 2018

    star rating  Rebel Diving Curacao is the best place for all your snorkeling and scuba diving activities. Daan Rijnenberg is truly dedicated to the waterworld and will show you all the best... read more

    avatar thumb Jack V
    7 November 2018
  • star rating  It was my first time ever diving, I am a local resident here in Curaçao and always wanted to try out diving, I was used to snorkeling but this was... read more

    avatar thumb Anais A
    16 July 2018

    star rating  Had my introduction dive with Rebel diving, with great help, clear instructions and a very personal approach.

    Underwater Daan also pointed me to things I personally wouldn't have seen,... read more

    24 July 2020

Diving with a disability

During all the years of diving and specialized training, Rebel is able and trained to dive with persons with a disability. In a co-operation with another diving center on Curacao Rebel takes people with a disability out of diving.

Of course with all the preparations necessary, such as on forehand intake meetings with the person and in case of children also with the parents.

It is amazing to experience how these people get free of their body’s and enjoy the scenery under water. All within the limits required for utmost safety.

For more detailed information please contact Rebel via e-mail.

Get inspired: a video of Diving with Rebel

Dive Map Curaçao

Dive map Curacao


What to do if I don’t have a diving certification yet? 

No worries! Rebel Diving Curaçao also offers SSI diving courses. No big groups but small and personalized so you get the best attention during your courses and classes and will learn all in a thorough and safe way.

Does Rebel Diving Curaçao offer rental equipment?

When you are a certified diver you can rent full equipment, partly equipment or just tanks and weights.
All up to your needs. 

Open chat
Want to dive? Contact me! Click here and type your message. I'll get back to you asap. Take into account I might be underwater, diving, and it might take a while for me to respond. Daan, Rebel Diving Curacao