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Rebel Diving Curacao is a premier dive center that specializes in marine ecology. Our experienced instructor Daan and her colleagues are not only expert in diving techniques, but also have a deep understanding of marine biology and ecology. 

Dive with a purpose

Our focus on marine ecology means that you can learn about the unique ecosystems and marine life you encounter on your dives while also contributing to their preservation.

Personalized attention

Our experienced instructors take the time to understand your needs and goals, and tailor our courses and dive trips accordingly, so you can get the most out of your diving experience.

A commitment to conservation

We have made it our mission to minimize our environmental impact through sustainable diving practices. Our clients can be assured that their dives are not only safe and enjoyable, but also environmentally responsible.

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Meet Rebel's Team

Rebel Diving Curacao

Daan Rijnenberg, Rebel Diving Curacao

The team of Rebel Diving Curacao consists of highly skilled professionals who are passionate about the ocean and its conservation. Led by Daan, an experienced diver and marine ecology expert, the team is committed to providing our clients with safe and enjoyable diving experiences. In addition to Daan, we have a group of talented freelance professionals who work with us to ensure that we offer the highest quality services. Next to that, there is our staff who we would like to present below:

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“A total experience; Daan listens and explains very well, she also knows everything after years of diving experience. She finds the best spot and really takes the time to make a beautiful dive (dives) with you. In addition, she is also environmentally conscious and has recently started her own coral nursery!”

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